Gavin Hope lives in the North East of England, as well as enjoying to snowboard as often as possible, he also writes about snowboarding.

Gavin started snowboarding back in January, 2003, with some lessons on dendex and a week in Chamonix. 2004 saw a return to Chamonix, this time for two weeks. After that point, Gavin decided it was time to dedicate more of his annual leave to shredding.

Over the next couple of seasons he made his way to an early season camp in Switzerland, a couple of summer camps and continued to visit Europe during the winter. Each year would also include a handful of trips to Castleford, one of Xscape's indoor slopes in the UK.

"I love the fun of snowboarding; road-trips, travelling, visiting new places with friends, being in the mountains, lapping a park, tonking down fresh pistes and praying for powder days. A lot of the fun for me also comes from progression. I'll never be a great snowboarder, but I still like to push myself. It's part of what keeps me hooked.

With nothing in close reach to the North East, not even an indoor slope or some snowflex, fitting in as much snowboarding as possible with a regular job is hard, and expensive! So I like to write about things as I go along, it kinda keeps the stoke going, it's addictive too."

Gavin started a blog in January, 2006, documenting his snowboarding experiences from within the UK. He was connected with the Wolrd Snowboard Guide in 2007 after a trip to Laax, Switzerland, by a shared friend from the company, Snowmotions.

Starting with some slopes in the UK, Gavin now has a few WSG reviews under his belt; you can keep up with his other writing on his blog, afterbang.

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