Fashion Police

Hardly the most original of feature, but hard to resist. Feast your eyes on some of last seasons finest ... if you've got any better ones then send them in to [email protected] . All pics taken by Woody, churs wurzel.

Pic: Just missied baggin this one
in the net, Saalbach 05

Pic: Borag, Saalbach Dec 04

Pic: Killer boots man, Whistler March 05

Pic: Dumb & Dumber, St.Anton Feb 05

Pic: Bustin' for a piss or caught in the act? St.Anton Feb 05

Pic: Morzine in March 2005 (photo by Gordy)

All-in-one, Hintertux April 2007
Pic: Hintertux in April 2007 (photo by WSG Steve)