Cheaper than its larger neighbour Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan offers access to the same mountains at less cost. July and August are the best time to Heliboard in the Tien Shan Mountains. This is really high, ranging from 4500m up to 5800m. Using a Russian Helicopter you can fly from Karkara base camp up to the Northen Tien Shan.

In a week’s program it’s possible for 7/8 dissents of 700/800meters a day. After a few days acclimatising to the altitude you will board from 5500 meters down to 4000meters up to 4 times in one day. On the last day if you’re lucky you can board from Semeyonov Peak (5816m) down to 4000m. That’s well over a vertical mile of untracked powder and there aren’t many places in the world with that on offer.