Russia Summer Guide

Mt Elbrus

In the heart of the Caucasus mountains is Mt Elbrus , just north of the Georgian boarder. At 5642 meters, it’s the highest mountain in Europe, it has a glacial system which covers over 145km sq and ice over 400meter deep.

More importantly it was home to the SPC summer camps which were run in June and July, but things no longer seem to be running. They were a great laugh if you fancied some good snow, and a lot of vodka. The park (see picture) is built at around 4000 meters, so be sure to take it easy until you’ve acclimatised.
SPC Russia, Elbrus
SPC Russia, ElbrusOnce you’re there its cheap-a pint is about 50p and Dinner isn’t much more. There’s a large indoor space at the camps Hotel which provides (bizarrely) a gun shooting room and more tamely a billiard bar, and two table tennis courts. Camps are available from one to four weeks and cost 350 euros for 8 days when booked through the very good SPC site. However, this price excludes international flights.