AIM Series Intro


Ben Kilner at the Brits, Deux Alps 2004So you live in the UK, and you want to compete. Maybe you dream of competing in the Olympics or you just want to put your snowboarding skills to the test against your piers. Well the best place for you is the Orange AIM Series.

Since its start in 2001 the Orange AIM Series has attracted snow sports enthusiasts as the offi cial British Championship for snowboarding and freestyle skiing. In fact some of the UK’s top snow sport athletes, and Olympic hopefuls, have developed their competitive skills through the series.

Competitions are open for all ages and performance levels, so if you fancy a day out don’t be put off by thinking it’s not for you. Beginners are encouraged to push themselves while the sponsored riders are pushed by the up and coming unknowns.
The Orange AIM Series runs its events on Artificial, Indoor snow slopes and Mountain venues across the UK, and Europe. This enables riders a natural platform for development and a chance to compete without having to have a huge travel budget. The Series also helps to promote the great all year round facilities the UK has, and gets riders from around the country together. So those of you who do not want to store away your boards or skis over the summer months, get them out of the cupboard
and get riding.

Mollie Percival competing in the AIM seriesLast seasons Orange AIM Series was based around five events in the UK, three dryslope and two indoor snow slope competitions, all of which hold a national championship status. The UK events then culminated in the British Championships, which were held in Laax in March this year. Snowboarders and skiers can compete in Board/ Skier cross, Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Big Air. At all the events there’s loads of freestyle action, cutting edge DJs, a movie lounge and free lessons for beginners. The national championships are held at some of UK’s best facilities, including Bracknell, Rossendale and Milton Keynes. The organisers change the venues yearly to enable new local talent to compete and more beginners to be encouraged to take a free lesson.

This summer 6 events are being run across the UK from July to October with XScape Castleford and the new Braehead slope being added to the calendar.

AIM Schools tourMoving the events also helps the Orange AIM Series Schools Tour reach numerous school children around the UK. The Orange AIM Series isn’t just about competing; it’s about the promotion of snowsports. Thus the Orange AIM Series Schools Tour takes to the road each year in June, with the mission of promoting snow sports to the UK youth, maybe even fi nd the next UK champ. The tour visits two schools in the area of each of the UK events. A crew of professional snowboarders and skiers take over a school PE lessons for a day and with the help of; videos, a trampoline display, and some interactive activities they introduce the youth to boarding and skiing, as well as explaining the various career paths and opportunities within the industry. The team of pros changes, but always includes the UK’s top riders and past champions; the 05 team includes the likes of Mike Wakefi eld, Mollie Percival and Sonia Shaw. The School tour also offers students the chance of a free board/ski introductory lesson at the actual events themselves.

Mrs. Helen Hilton, Head of PE, Tappton School, Sheffield “The day was marvellous. The pupils really enjoyed the
whole experience, from the video, to the demos, to meeting the team. The presentation has enthused some of them to
get involved in the activities