Billabong Air & Style 09, Innsbruck

31 January 09, Innsbruck, Austria

2nd year back at the Bergisel Stadium in Innsbruck. This 6* TTR event will feature Scotty Lago, Antti Autti, Terje Haakonsen and many others hitting the huge quarterpipe in front of 12,000 screaming Austrians

On January 31st, 2009 the 12,000 spectators will feel the magic atmosphere of the Billabong Air & Style Innsbruck-Tirol 09 again. The compact setup with direct closeness for the fans to the quarter pipe and to the snowboard heroes is unique. To bring up this fantastic atmosphere and the optimal contest conditions, it needs a perfectly concerted logistic plus loads of snow and steel.


The Air & Style Company set up an artificial snow production directly in the Bergisel Stadium. So the number of necessary truck transports from the Stubaier Gletscher to Innsbruck could be reduced. This year it will be a mix of artificial snow and snow from the Stubaital. Using only artificial snow was not possible due to warm weather one week ago. This mix of snow lays perfect foundations for inrun and quarter pipe. The snow that fell out of the sky last week had to be removed from the grandstands, because safety first is essential.

The complex substructures and special constructions of steel for the over 12 meters high quarter pipe are already finalized. As soon as the snow is on the quarter pipe, the difficult work of shaping begins. The slope, the radius and the conditions of the quarter decide significantly about the
quality of the contest. It is the goal to set the riders perfect conditions, so the sportive level of last year’s contest can be topped.

To maximize the safety of the riders, there will be used an innovative Airbag Safety System at the Billabong Air & Style 09. The customized airbags were developed by the Air & Style Company in collaboration with the company Bagjump.

The stadium guarantees best view from every place. For details and slow motions there will be a 40 m² video wall this year – the 8 mm high resolution will guarantee best picture quality. The special construction is right beside the stage, assembled on a traverse 15 m high.

Because the Bergisel Stadium is very narrow, it is a real challenge for the event logistic – there is just one access road, many constructions have to be built especially for the event; many areas are only accessible by foot.

But exactly this compactness and the closeness to the quarter will set up the special Billabong Air & Style 09 feeling on January 31st, 2009.

Rider list

1. Scotty Lago USA Billabong
2. Peetu Piiroinen FIN Burton
3. Antti Autti FIN Billabong
4. Arthur Longo FRA Apo Boards
5. Colin Frei SUI K2
6. Kim Rune Hansen NOR Burton
7. Jack Mitrani USA Burton
8. Risto Mattila FIN Billabong
9. Andy Finch USA Palmer
10. Terje Haakonsen NOR Burton
11. Manuel Pietropoli ITA Burton
12. Shayne Pospisil USA Billabong
13. Daisuke Murakami JAP K2
14. Werner Stock AUT Salomon
15. Olivier Gittler FRA Burton
16. Peter König AUT Forum
17. Chad Otterstrom USA Rossignol
18. Philipp Strauss GER Burton
19. Henning Marthinsen NOR Nike ACG
20. Steve Krijbolder NED O`Neill
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24. Dustin Craven CAN Capita

Innsbruck, Austria