Whether a beginner or a pro the Knowledge provides a place where you find lots of info on all aspects of snowboarding! 


On our features page we will be sharing stories of our adventures that go beyond the information in our reviews. Read about our times riding with a pro, our journey to the Artic circles and much more. 

The Basics

We have all been there a total newbie on the slopes it can all be a bit daunting! The basics will take you from learning to snowboard, to booking that all important first trip. Don't think it is all for learners though we have useful tips on taking lessons, where to eat, sorting out that insurance and booking those lift passes, everyone should check out this section as you never too good to go back to basics!


Whether going to you first park night or building the park yourself you can't afford to miss our freestyle section! Learn everything from building a Backcountry kicker, to the full park and don't forget that all important park etiquette.


For those who are into or want to get into Freeriding, this section has all the info on riding the Back Country, going cat skiing and taking that all important heliboarding trip


So you are on the slopes and you want to get those beers in our learn the language section will help you get by wherever you are. If you are attending an event you can find all the info on how to register and compete in this section.

How To

So you want to wax that board and then sit down on a bench made of old snowboards, what you going to do follow our How To section and you can do these things and much more!


How do you pick your perfect pants, what about a helmet to match! In the kit section will give you advice on clothing, board, protection, cameras and much more.

Summer Riding Guide

So the winter has come to an end and your itching to ride again! Don't worry our summer riding guide is all you need to keep making those turns and catching a tan in the process!