Valdez is the main town of Alaska, the Main Man, the Big Daddy, the Queen of all, and the Goddess of powder faces (no trees here). Whatever you want to call it Alaska is steep and deep personified.  The seaport of Valdez is located in the Chugach Mountains, an 8 hour drive from Anchorage.

Lots of companies run trips out of Valdez with day trips to week long holidays on offer. Blade Runner Adventures have some great prices with lower end accommodation keeping the cost down. 7 night and 5 days with the helicopter start at $3300 with 6 drops /day. A day with 6000 metres of vertical decent is $600. offer day trips at around $700, up to $4900 for a 6 day, 7 night package, with 80,000 vertical feet per six-day package guaranteed.

It’s lots of cash but it’s not actually that expensive in the grand scheme of things. If cash is short you can mix the helicopter in with some snowcat boarding at $200/day and if the weather is bad at least there are snowcats to get you up the hill. If you’re in the UK you can book similar deals through ensuring you can talk to someone on the phone who knows their stuff before departure. Trips run from Feb to April.


Helitraxs run trips out of Telluride and claim the highest mountain access in North America. This winter, Telluride Helitrax are offering a One-Run Heli Ticket. Early each morning snowboarders can start their day with a helicopter flight to an area outside the boundary of the Telluride ski area. For a run of approximately 1,100 vertical feet, the price is $250 per person. $895 will get you six drops in one day and if you’re in Vail, Aspen or Crested Butte $1045 will get you a fixed winged flight to Telluride and a six drop heliboard day.