There comes a point for many snowboarders where they want to experience freeriding and head off piste. Loosely speaking this means getting off the official pistes and head onto other areas of the mountain, there may be less rules and boundaries when freeriding but it is not to be taken lightly.

We can't all join the Freeride World Tour but our guide will inform you on getting out into the back country and the different ways and means to do this in a safe manner!

Backcountry Guide

There is lots to consider when heading out into the back country our guide covers all the main safety aspects of back country, getting insurance, avalanche risks and much more...

Cat Ski

The cheaper cousin of heli boarding Cat Skiing can get you into untouched powder field where the lifts could never go! Read our guide and we will show you how to get out there and who with!


It is certainly not cheap but if you can muster enough friend it may be the best money you ever spend a heli boarding trip can be a once in a liftime experience with our guide we will show you how tp arrange a trip and tell you wher you can hire a heli!