Freestyle is one of the fastest growing areas of snowboarding, whether home or abroad you are never far from a bustling scene.Resorts build specific park just for the freestyle scene and Dry slopes and indoor slopes all have seen the potential of this dedicating special nights for freestyle riding.

Whether you are a freestyle pro or just hitting those first rails we are sure our knowledge will help you when next hitting the park!

Terrain Park Introduction

Not sure what the freestyle scene is all about take a look at our intro and you will soon be on your way to hitting the park.

Park Etiquette

Knowing when and where to drop in is all important these days in terms of safety and respecting other riders. A bit of park etiquette goes along way!

How to perform various tricks

So you are ready to hit the park but you don't know what to try our tips and tricks will see you through your first kicker, to boardslides and beyond!

Building a Back Country Kicker

One of the mose fun things you can do with your mates is get out on the mountain and build your own kicker. Their is nothing like the feeling of launching off an obstacle you built, read our guide and get out there and build one!

Building a terrain Park

So you have ridden the park and seen the shapers in action but what exactly does it take to get involved and build a park our guide gives you lots of info on getting started!