Wax your board

We caught up with they guys at Butta to find out the best way to wax a board. See their advice below


"Here at Butta, we think there is nothing more important than waxing your board. Petex (base material) is a very absorbent material, as long as it is kept clean! It works in a simliar way to Gortex, once its dirty, it doesnt work! Keeping your board cleaned and waxed with a good wax will prolong its life. You can run a car without servicing it for years, but one day it will stop..... so will your board!

Waxing a board is one of the easiest ways to increase the performance of your snowboard. It will make the board easier to control when moving from edge to edge across the flats of the board, thus making you glide alot smoother and faster. Waxing will also benefit the life of the base. A waxed base is alot more resistant, and will reduce the risks of minor damage. So overall giving the rider a better snowboarding experience!"

So you followed the video and wanna try for yourself. Follow the Butta step by step guide and you can!

Step By Step Guide!


Step by Step Waxing Guide

Steps 3 and 4

Steps 5 and 6