Les Gets goes green in 2007

Fri 15 September 06

There's park and boardercross improvements and some positive environmental measures taking place

Park improvements

The snowpark will almost double in length - from 500m to 900m - whilst the boardercross will be lengthened by 200m to give a total length of 700m. They'll be adding rails, a table and a new box.
More info www.snowpark-lesgets.com 

Environmental Improvements

• “Ecological” purchases and waste disposal: a buyer will soon be recruited to look after the future “shop”. They will be required to take into account the environment when purchasing: choose less polluting and recyclable products, group together orders and deliveries... Optimising our company’s waste disposal -all services included- will also be part of their job.
•In order to respect environmental imperatives, 2 old snow-grooming machines will be replaced by new machines boasting the latest generation of non-polluting engines and hydraulic circuits that use biological oil. One of them can use ‘green’ petrol - 50% rapeseed oil - even if in practice this is not yet possible due to the product’s lack of availability.
• All stocks in containers will be inspected: the gas container at the top of the Chavannes chairlift will finally be buried in order to make the area more attractive.
• Important electrical renovations are being undertaken on the Chéry sector - notably by burying cables - and are planned for Ranfolly.
• Eradication of billboards over the ski area in order to limit visual pollution. A certain number of actions already undertaken will be continued throughout the ski area:
• Re-landscaping and widening certain ski- runs in order to give skiers more room.
• Pruning along winter pedestrian paths to allow pedestrians to circulate more easily.
• Maintenance of the themed footpaths - winter/summer nature trails - that contributes to raising awareness amongst hikers.
• Free access to cross-country ski tracks.
• Increase in the number of rubbish bins and the frequency with which they are emptied.
• Free distribution of pocket ashtrays to encourage skiers not to throw their cigarette butts on the ground. Skiers will also have their attention drawn to this by messages on the pylons. In the spring, an “Ecolovie” (“eco-life”) day will be organized in order to collect about 500kg of rubbish over the whole ski area. Don’t forget that cigarette butts take years to biodegrade!
• Choose ecological material for signboards and design signs that integrate with the natural background.
• Signs indicating the time for bio-degra- dation of rubbish next to bins.
• A “Raising Awareness” stand by the Mountain Riders association during “environment” week.
• Communication at the ticket office to encourage clients to buy hands-free lift- passes as opposed to throw-away ones.
The 3€ price will be totally invested in environmentally friendly actions.
• Communication campaign about SAGETS’ actions - maps and signs spread over ski-slopes throughout the entire ski area.

[extract taken from Les Gets press release]

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