Snowbombing round-up

Fri 20 April 07

Guilty Pleasures at the Street Party, chilling at the Arctic Disco, and a top line up at the Europahaus

Snowbombing round-up

Snowbombing round-up ©

So Thursday night brought the last night of live bands at Europahaus. And what a line up.

The WSG crew turned up just in time to see the start of the Long Blondes, and it wasn't long before Steve was charmed by their sultry style. Unfortunately the sound mixing wasn't really up to the task, and whilst Kate was giving it out on stage, it took the better known songs such as Giddy Stratospheres and Once and Never Again to get things going. By the time Weekend Without Makeup came on however, the crowd were fully involved.

A quick sprint for a drink (we weren't trying to avoid DJ Dan. Honest) and it was back for the Young Knives. Again, either the sound system or mixing struggled, and the trademark sound of the boy's guitars during earlier songs such as Loughborough Suicide had struggled to come through. They engaged the crowd involved from the start though. Were they pissed, or was it just natural arsiness - either way, they took control of the stage, and gave DJ Dan amongst others some ribbing. Fair enough though to be honest - dancing around to his own mixing in tiny shorts like that. Though he had far more talent (and slightly less bad taste) than Men in Masks at the White Lounge the next day, who couldn't mix for (whatever the Tirolean equivalent of toffee is), agriculturally mashing 2 Many DJs tracks together as if they were their own mixes!

A lively rendition of weekends and bleak days was completed before returning to stage complete with tree (whats all that about) for an encore of She's Attracted, and the live sets at Snowbombing for 2007 were complete. Only two more nights of clubbing to go.........

Guilty Pleasures Street Party

Team WSG set off to Guilty pleasures with one thing in mind - Peg War! The party started slowly as those who came off the mountain went to change into their outfits and then sprang into action as Nicky Holloway took to the decks. As the Sumo ladies bounced up the first pegging was had….this continued through the afternoon as reporters, camera men, Bat people, tennis players and ski instructors passed by. In terms of costumes the pirate ship - complete with pirates took the prize…see picture they bullied/rambled/a hoyed and caught helpless party-goers in their clutches. Only to then spin them around and spit them out before heading on to the next victim – Fantastic!! A tug of war caught some on the floor and proved a success, all to the tunes of …. Actually I don’t remember. As the DJ spun, the security guards glared at all punters who tried to come near which lead the WSG team to their next victims!! Handy having someone to help you peg and then peg them for their effort!! See pictures Noise restrictions meant the party came to an end just after dark which was all in good time as the night was still young and more pleasures were to be had at other venues…

At the Arena it all got a bit random as the Willys/Flying Heists(Jager-Bomb)/Jagermeister Teas/Red Flugels and Grolschs kicked in. Thus we ended up leaving just before Just Jack, Doh! But not quite home we couldn’t help but check out Sinden at the Schlussel and then spend a good 1/2hr pleading with the Pizza Man to make a Pepperoni Whopper (which turned into a Kebab) and jumping out the window as he closed the door on the hungry jacks outside.

Arctic Disco Chill Out

After a night of Red Bull sponsored half sleep, we ripped up the new 160 person Gondola, Ahornbarn. The Arctic Disco was the perfect place to spend Saturday afternoon recovering from the tunes of Sancho Panza (with a completely chilled set) and the on to DJ Lars. After checking at the Igloos…see pics we could understand why a night of mayhem in ice would be fun! There was even a private boudoir in a separate igloo for those who fancied it. Only thing missing was a toilet but with some amazing scenery behind the igloo this, wasn’t too much of a problem. Just as long as you covered up your tracks! A yum Barbeque helped the beer glide down and all were smiles as DJ Lars took to the decks. At this point the crowd had fully gathered and with the hot sun beaming down one couldn’t help but want to cool off. Before long some playful balling (snow balling that is J) turned into a fully fledged snowball fight much to the dismay of the DJ who hid behind an umbrella. Complete with Kamikazi missions and ICBM snowballs by sunset the remaining casualties gathered to watch the best trick competition – on a snowbike, off a slush kicker!

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