BEO Halfpipe Qualification Results

Mon 12 January 09

qualifications were a good mix of old school riders like Lesley McKenna (GBR) and Xaver Hoffmann (GER) teaching new school riders how its done by qualifying first and second respectively

BEO Halfpipe Qualification Results

BEO Halfpipe Qualification Results © Photo: Lämmerhirt

The men’s and women’s halfpipe qualifications finished up under the fourth consecutive day of bluebird skies at the Burton European Open in Laax, Switzerland. Today’s qualifications was a good mix of old school riders like Lesley McKenna (GBR) and Xaver Hoffmann (GER) teaching new school riders how its done by qualifying first and second respectively.

In the women’s qualification rounds, 50 riders vied for 13 spots to compete against top halfpipe riders including Kelly Clark (USA), Sina Candrian (SUI) and Jamie Anderson (USA). In the end, former pro rider and current Roxy coach Lesley McKenna showed she still has what it takes to compete by qualifying first. Lesley’s top run included a huge backside air, frontside 720, Cab 360, frontside air tailgrab. Lesley is one of a handful of riders at the 10th annual BEO who competed at the first BEO back in Innsbruck in 1999.

BEO09 Halfpipe qualification rider: Lesley McKenna
BEO09 Halfpipe qualification rider: Lesley McKenna
Photo: Lämmerhirt

The men’s qualifications also included some blasts from the past like former Burton pro rider Xaver Hoffman (GER), who qualified second in heat two of the qualifications. Forty men competed for 11 spots to test their skills against halfpipe heavyweights like Shaun White (USA), Kevin Pearce (USA), Danny Davis (USA), Antti Autti (FIN) and current BGOS Champion Peetu Piiroinen (FIN). Ilkka-Eemeli Laari (FIN) qualified first in heat one with a run that included a huge frontside air, backside 5 mute grab, frontside inverted 720 frontside grab, Cab 1080, frontside 1080 japan air finishing things off with an epic pipe slash. Stale Sandbech (NOR), who came in first in yesterday’s slopestyle qualifiers, also took the top spot in heat two of the men’s halfpipe qualifiers. Stale’s amplitude on all his tricks impressed the judges, and his winning run included a frontside 540 double grab, tailgrab, frontside 720, Cab 720 and frontside air.

BEO09 Halfpipe qualification rider: Ilkka-Eemeli Laari
BEO09 Halfpipe qualification rider: Ilkka-Eemeli Laari
Photo: Lämmerhirt

The action at the BEO heats up on Wednesday, January 14 when top invited riders take to the halfpipe to compete against qualified riders in the semi-finals competition

Women’s Halfpipe Qualification Results
1 McKenna, Lesley (GBR) ROXY 87.00
2 Sadar, Cilka (SLO) BURTON 85.67
3 Miwa, Akiko (JPN) ALLIAN 78.00
4 Haller, Ursina (SUI) K2 75.83
5 Nadig, Helen (SUI) 74.17
6 Wiik, Lisa (NOR) ROXY 73.50
7 Mittermueller, Silvia (GER) OAKLEY 68.17
8 Pancochova, Sarka (CZE) BERN UNLIMITED 67.00
9 Bleicher, Conny (GER) 686 64.67
10 Meusburger, Pia (AUT) STATIC 62.17
11 Purtschert, Nadja (SUI) ONEILL 59.67
12 Aubry, Emilie (SUI) ROXY 56.33
13 Norendal, Silje (NOR) ROXY 55.50

Men’s Qualification Results: Heat 1
1 Laari, Ilkka-Eemeli (FIN) BURTON 88.83
2 Tarasov, Sergey (RUS) ANON 82.17
3 Necas, Jan (CZE) RIDE 75.50
4 Hast, Miikka (FIN) PROTEST 73.00
5 Kotsenburg, Sage (USA) QUIKSILVER 69.67
6 Hamilton, James (NZL) FLOW 66.17
7 Koskinen, Antti (FIN) CENTRUM 64.33

Men’s Qualification Results: Heat 2
1 Sandbech, Stale (NOR) OAKLEY 85.67
2 Hoffmann, Xaver (GER) NITRO 84.00
3 Feldmann, Rolf (SUI) NIDECKER 79.67
4 Krijbolder, Steve (NED) O'NEILL 79.33

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Laax, Switzerland

Snowboard Guide rating 9 out of 10 “Excellent snowsure resort with a good long season. The slopes are great for freestylers and freeriders alike, as well as suiting beginners. The resort can be slack at opening lifts and the off-piste gets tracked out within hours of a dump.”

Burton European Open 2009

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TTR Tour Standings

Mens Big-Air Leaderboard
1. Corning, Chris (763.53)
2. Kleveland, Marcus (695.57)
3. Thorgren, Sven (677.76)
4. Mack, Kyle (661.16)
5. Parrot, Max (605.76)
Mens Halfpipe Leaderboard
1. Hirano, Ayumu (935.30)
2. White, Shaun (912.63)
3. James, Scotty (847.95)
4. Ferguson, Benjamin (825.97)
5. Totsuka, Yuto (792.05)
Mens Slopestyle Leaderboard
1. Kleveland, Marcus (908.97)
2. McMorris, Mark (876.53)
3. Thorgren, Sven (848.77)
4. Corning, Chris (807.18)
5. Gerard, Redmond (805.27)
Womens Halfpipe Leaderboard
1. Kim, Chloe (1000.00)
2. Clark, Kelly (878.70)
3. Mastro, Maddie (875.23)
4. Liu, Jiayu (834.00)
5. Gold, Arielle (794.39)
Womens Slopestyle Leaderboard
1. Anderson, Jamie (933.33)
2. O`Brien, Spencer (839.51)
3. Norendal, Silje (678.85)
4. Rukajarvi, Enni (676.14)
5. Marino, Julia (635.32)