New park at Serre Chevalier

Sat 26 August 06

They've been playing with JCB's most of the summer and the cramped terrain park has been moved higher and enlarged and there's a new boardercross course

New park at Serre Chevalier

New park at Serre Chevalier ©

We had a call from Damien Gall, the marketting man from Serre Chevalier the other day. The park was a pretty cramped when we visited the place last season, but that shouldn't be the case this coming season. The terrain park that was squeezed in to the plateau de la Rouge, has been move higher and expanded for the 2006/7 season.

They’ve earth shaped the big booters and the basic layout for the boardercross, so you can expect a permanent intermediate and pro-line of kickers running alongside the Grand Serre chairlift and they’ll be adding the beginner jumps and rails depending on conditions.

Comparing to last year, the surface area of the park has more than doubled in size, and there's 4 times the number of jumps. Its been designed and built by James Hild (HillTechnics) . You will find on this area black and red level ramps. This is the expert & intermediate area. There are 6 large bumps that have been shaped during the summer. You will find on this area green and blue level ramps. This will be the beginner and intermediate area. You can slide on this area using the skilift "l'Alpage" (direct) or the 6 seats detachable chairlift lower.

There are 2 possibilities on each bump: for instance 2 kickers or 1 kicker and 1 rail or 2 rails and probably 3 possibilities if the snow conditions allows us to have large enough bumps.

There will also be a step-up, and other rails or kicks on the top area. The area is large enough to welcome additional ramps (made with natural snow) of all levels (green-blue-red-black).

They've also shaped the boardercross during the summer so it can open early in the winter season, you can use the 6 seatted detachable chairlift "Le Grand Serre" (direct) to access and turn on the area.

The location of the halfpipe on the Mickey run hasn't changed, but there has been talk about maybe building another near the  new park, but it won't be this coming season

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Serre Chevalier, France

Snowboard Guide rating 10 out of 10 “One of the best resorts in France. Great freeriding with powder and full-on, freestyle terrain. Shame it's pricey and packed with skiers.”