Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Grindelwald


From Grindelwald village a very long gondela takes you up to the central Scherckfeld area, from where a serries of dull blues and reds are accessed. The area does boast some steep off piste runs with the unmarked number two piste great when its not been bashed. Under the last two sections of the gondela, when theres enough of the white stuff to let rip, youll find freshies for days which can be easeily accssed by a ride back up the Egg drag or the mid station of the gondeler. The red 22 is good for its rollers and length but theres no lift at the bottom and if you time it wrong you could have a long wait for the bus back t the gondeler bottom station.


Theres a park up on the Oberjoch blue with eight or so rails and a couple of huge kickers, which need much speed, but its not up to much. The natural terrain doesnt offer a lot unless to like rock drops.



should fair well here. The slopes may be busy, but there is still plenty of piste to lay out lots of wide linked turns on.


Total beginners should board elsewhere while those who are a week or so in will find theres to many paths and will soon get the hump with all the unclicking and walking.
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