Your views on SkiWelt Ellmau/SkiWelt Scheffau

User rating 6 out of 10

Ellmau is good

Mon 19 January 2004 by Stewy

Working here means that I am able to explore the area. As Ellmau is geared towards novices there are always untouched powder stashes all over the shop. The skiwelt area is awesome as you never ever have to ride the same lines twice. As for evening Pub 66 is the place to rock be it Karaoke, live music or just the vodka. Oh yeah and you can all stare at my girlfriend cos she works there!!!!!!!!!!!

User rating 5 out of 10


Tue 9 December 2003 by mark40

Short transfer with massive area but very limited off piste.It has a modern lift system, reasonably cheap but not many lively bars. Idyllic Tyrolean architecture/atmosphere and generally ok.Excellent cloudy rocket fuel beer!