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Resort life

Pitztal RestaurantThe beauty of the Pitztal valley is it’s at altitude so there’s no need to sit on a packed bus for the 20 min journey to the base station, getting taken out by ski poles. The lifts are on your door step or at least just a few stops. The main night time hang out is at the Hexenkessl which is good for food and often has live music. Other than that it’s a quiet night in. Eating options are good but are a little pricey. The nearest large supermarket is a 15 min drive down the valley. In the summer month’s there’s lots to do in the valley, a vast amount of mountain biking routes, a large climbing wall and a small skate park further down the valley.


Haus Berghein is a nice B&B just a short ride/walk to the base station 0043 541 386226.
Landhaus Edelwiess is ideal if you want to stay in an apartment which offers friendly service and great meals 0043 541 38320

Tourist information very helpful 0043 5414 86999

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