Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Turoa


Freeriders of an advanced level should get to the top of the Bacardi T-bar. From here you can appreciate the scope of the place and get an idea of where you'd like to ride. The runs out to your right (Limit, Solitude and Layback) are long runs in wide open spaces, where the thrill of riding down an active volcano can be fully realised. The runs way out to your left (Speedtrack, Main Face and Triangle) are a little steeper. There is nowhere on Turoa where the urge to climb Ruapehu's Peak is stronger than when viewing Mangaheuheu Glacier, from the Glacier Entrance run. If you want to hike to the top, check with the ski patrol on the best route and do not go without telling them. They'll also appreciate it if you can report to them on your return. It doesn't matter which route you take from the peak back to the ski area, they are 475 of the most unforgettable vertical metres in New Zealand.


Freestylers have a decent park, however on a powder day, which don't occur with great frequency in the North Island, Turoa's walls and gullies beckon you to charge hard. There's nothing like launching off Clays Leap or the Mangawhero Headwall and landing in the safe hands of powder.


Carvers learn to freeride and get real! This is not a hard booters place.


Beginners will find the Alpine Meadows area beside the car park the place to start out on. The cafeteria is right beside it so its never too far to go for a bit of a warm up .

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