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in Gladenkaya (Khakasiya)

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The best place to stay is the hotel on Gladenkaya mountain. They offer 6-bed houses for 1500 R ($55) on weekdays and 2700 ($85) on weekends (so, that's about $10 to $15 per person if you are 6 people). If you are not too many people, your best bet is Zharki hotel complex, which offers private singles or doubles for 600 R ($22) on weekdays and 900 R ($33) on weekends. The both hotels tend to get full on weekends and holidays, so it's better to come on Monday. It's also recommended to book and it can be done through a local travel agency or directly with the resort (but their English can be non-existent). If everything is booked, you might be able to find something in Sayanogorsk, but it's 40 km away.

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