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in Zolotaya Dolina

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Resort life

Zolotaya Dolina is located near Korobitsino settlment, where you will find two more major resorts: Krasnoe Ozero and Snezhny. They are all about 1.5 hour drive from St. Petersburg and can be quite fun altogether, especially if there's a competition on. All resorts have hotels and restaurants, which are more expensive than St. Petersburg, but still quite affordable.


There are 5 restaurants at the resort, and as it's not Moscow, the prices are very affordable: a meal will cost 150-250 R ($5-$7).


The local hotel, run by the resort, offers 4-night accommodation, including all meals for 6800 R ($240). Can be booked through their website. Cheaper accommodation (cottages) is available at the nearby Krasnoe Ozero resort.

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