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in Alps Resort

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Resort life

The resort hotel is a rip off. Many rooms don’t have a bed so you must sleep in the Korean style - wrapped in a blanket on the floor. A much better option if you have a car or don’t mind bussing it to the slopes each day is to stay at the Hwangtae village ten minutes down the road. These rooms cost only 40 000 won per night and you can cram as many people in as you like. They’re in a really cool setting and there is some OK hiking from your door.

Alps resort accomodation
Alps resort accomodation
Photo: Angus Ballie


Food wise, don’t buy a hamburger anywhere in Korea. But try one of the numerous Dak Galbi restaurants near the resort. It’s a delicious chicken stew sort of thing that you eat from the BBQ as it’s being cooked in front of you.


There is a small nightclub in the basement of the resort hotel which cranks out some bad Korean Techno. It's good for a laugh on weekends but don't bother during the week.

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