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No one should travel here to board

Fri 14 December 2007 by seoultrain

Let's be honest here, no one should travel to Korea to go boarding unless you live in Korea.

The snow is patchy, the slopes are crowded with inexperienced skiers and boarders and on the steeper slopes intermediate skiers seem to have developed the idea that grand slalom is the only way to go.

These guys don't necessarily go fast but they ski from one side of the piste to the next all the day down. You'll either get taken out by someone from behind or they'll hold you up if you are booking it.

but for those who have not choice, Vivaldi is the best compromise of a decent lift system (one gondola and an 8 person fast chairlift, 2 or 3 other 4-6 person chairs) close to Seoul such that you can avoid 8 hours in traffice getting back.

The halfpipe is rarely open until late jan/dec and the terrain park seems to be for advanced riders only there is nowhere to build your skills with easier rails/kickers etc.

If you live outside Korea don't come here for boarding, there is no off piste and any kind of bump or interesting feature in the landscape wil be flagged of of flattened out, so the only obstacles are the idiots you are trying to dodge in front and behind you.

Go to Japan, far more civilized, with better snow and less crowded slopes.

Life pass here for 8.30-16.30 is $45, so it's pretty expensive for what you get!