Wengen resort review

Snowboard Guide rating 7 out of 10 “Amazing Scenery with 3 large ride areas!”



Lot of Flats



Gridelwald has a large snow park



Well prepared but a few flat areas



Beginner will be best looking elsewhere

Mountain stats

Top lift:2971m
Vertical drop:1697m
Bottom lift:1274m

LiftsLift count : 1 x Cable-cars   11 x Gondolas   14 x Chairlifts   14 x Drag-lifts   4 Funiculars

213km of pistes

Total Pistes:53
Longest Piste:7km

passes Pass (Low/High Season) : £29.88 Day, £176.15 Week

Wengen is the best known village of the Jungfrau region and includes the three ride areas of Kleine Scheidegg, Grindelwald-First and Murren. A total of 45 lifts and railways link the areas to provide a total ride area of 213km, capable of getting 45,230 people up the slopes per hour.
Arriving at Wengen by train is a truly unique experience as you slowly climb up the mountain. Stepping off the train riders are met by a car free haven with stunning views down into the valley. Wengen itself is a pretty village with lots of traditional restaurants, hotels and shops.
Things soon get even more impressive as you head to the pistes, transported by train to Kl Scheidegg or by Cable Car to Mannlichen riders are met with a wide variety of pistes under a spectacular backdrop. The truly dominating view of the North Face of the Eiger the Munk and the Jungfrau is something that should appeal to any rider and truly make you feel humble.

Wengen Vista
Wengen Vista
Michael Whittaker

The huge amount of terrain should keep even the keenest of riders happy for a week especially if they are prepared to head around the various areas, a day spent in each is recommended.
On the mountain it is possible to find a fresh line days after a dump, but some riders may find linking between pistes an issue as there are quite a lot of paths and flat sections to navigate to get the various areas. Beginners may be better leaving Wengen till they have a few weeks of riding under their belt.
Wengen itself is largely dominated by skiers but Snowboarders are slowly making there mark over there with a large scale Snow Park and Boarder Cross available in Grindlewald, which is well worth a visit for Freestyle riders.
Recently added lifts including the 'Eigernordwand'  and the refurbishment of the Wixi lift have increased the speed of getting around the mountain and made getting to other areas more convenient. 
Off the slopes things aren’t as expensive as you might think but it’s not cheap by any standard and a week will set you back a fair amount. If budget is an option one way of visiting this spectacular area is stay down the valley in Interlaken which has some backpackers hostels and a few cool bars, Jamming Coner is well chilled with water pipes on offer and for a madder night try Hooters where the female staff all wear hotpants and tight tops and the football and sports always on, Buddies is like a uk pub. The main draw back with Innterlaken is you’ll be getting up at six in the morning if you want to get first lift.
A must see for anyone visiting the area is a trip up the Jungfrau express which climbs to the highest railway station in Europe, although this may take a morning out of your week prices are significantly cheaper with a pass and it is an experience not to miss. Further information about this trip can be found on the My Switzerland website.
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