Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Jay Peak


Freeriders will find that the offerings on Jay Peak are pretty good and will allow advanced and intermediate riders the chance to ride hard and fast with some excellent powder spots, some very fast chutes and lots of tight trees. Note, the resort has a strict policy when it comes to riding in the woods.

Basically you must take responsibility for your own actions if you ride out of bounds, you must be a competent rider and you must not go alone. Areas such as Buckaroo, the Everglade or the Beaver Ponds Glades are pure nectar and will excite all riders.


Jay Peak HalfpipeFreestylers have 4 terrain parks and a boardercross trail. But with so much natural freestyle terrain on offer, the man made hits are almost not needed but great to learn on. The Canyonland is home to an amazing natural halfpipe that should keep you amused for hours.


PISTES. Boarders who dig the piste have a nice number of cruising trails set out everywhere


Beginners are the one group who may find this place not for them. There are novice areas but they are very limited.

Jay Peak Panorama

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