Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Stowe


Freeriders may find the area under the gondola fun with heaps of tracks through trees, and plenty of places within the main area to disappear into. Liftline and National are rather tame trails having been widened over the years, and are only cool if you are into bumps. Nosedive is good for freeride and carving, with the rest of the Mansfield area consisting of intermediate terrain, including a few good natural hits and jumps on the trail?s edge.


Freestylers are going to kick arse on any mountain after a session in one of three fun-parks at Stowe. The top choice park is the specially designed Jungle, located on the Lower Lord area which is easily reached from Lift 4. Stowe also has a pipe, and the resort even provides a park for beginners and novices, alongside 20 minute lessons called Quick Trick at $15.


Pistes. There’s plenty of piste riders in evidence at Stowe, with the runs on Mt Mansfield having some nice, tame trails suitable for picking up speed & cranking over some turns


Beginners will surprise themselves when they see how quickly they can progress on the abundance of easy slopes, especially if they are aided by the teaching staff at the local snowboard school who have more teaching programmes available than you could poke a stick at, ranging from novice to freestyle camps.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife