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in Nevis Range

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Resort life

The nearby town of Fort William on the shores of Loch Linnhe is set in a stunning location and has a big choice of accommodation and eating spots. You can choose from a number of hotels or family guest houses are available from £20 per night.


There is some accommodation near the slopes but its limited and isolated. Evenings are not hot but there are plenty of pubs and restaurants to try out along the high street, the locals are very friendly and you can have a rowdy time.


On mountain can be expensive and is limited, although the Goose does have great panoramic views.  Fort William has a good choice of pubs and restaurants to suit all pockets and taste buds.


The Ben Nevis Inn is well worth a visit and is popular with "outdoor" types.  Being "out in the sticks" means a somewhat captive and lively crew on a Saturday night and there is live music most weekends.  Fort William is the nearest town and has a variety of pubs and "clubs" to suit most discerning(?) adults.  Crofters at the bottom of the main street is probably the best of them with a cosy bar and friendly staff.


The Ben Nevis Inn (tel 01397 701 227) has a very reasonable and well maintained bunk house and is relatively near the slopes.  It certainly won't break the bank at £13 a night but it does fill up quickly peak season so book well in advance.  Fort William has a plethora of hotels and B&Bs from an average of £25 to £30 a night.  The bigger hotels are more expensive but have good amenities such as the Ben Nevis Hotel (tel 01397 702 331).  For something a bit more "cerebral", treat yourself at the Lime Tree, which has an art gallery attached showcasing local artists, the rooms are fantastic and the food takes some beating - £40 B&B (01397 701 806).

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