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Get this, Greece the hot spot where bodies bare all on countless sun drenched beaches, scattered around numerous islands, also has a winter sports industry? Not well know, and come to think of it not even thought of by most. Never the less you can snowboard at at one of fifteen recognised ski resorts, though some are very dubious. There are a number of mountain ranges where snow falls on an annual basis allowing the chance to shred it. Athens may be the historic home of the Olympics but just 21/2 hours away is the resort of Parassos, where you can ride some 20 runs. Although the greeks allow snowboarders on to the slopes they're not totally sure about the whole scene yet and may at times seem a bit stand-offish but they're cool enough. Greece is definetly not a freestylers playground, forget about half-pipes or fun-parks. Some of the areas may have stupidly short runs and be equipped with an antique single lift system located alongside the resorts only building, and true the terrain is not that great. Its generally flat, not well groomed and not very adventurous, but what the heck you're riding in Greece.

If you fancy giving Greece a go remember to contact the resort prior to leaving, to see if the place is actually open and check the latest snow forecasts. The resorts are unbelieveable basic, many without any faciities. You won't find dozens of places to eat, sleep or drink in, and as for hard-core partying, forget it. The walkman and duty free teritory. Be well advised to take your own snowboard because hiring options are zero. Getting to the resort is best done by driving yourself as public transport is poor.

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Languages Greek
Capital City Athens
Highest Peak Mount Olympus 2,917m

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