Only a few genuine mountains that are hundreds of miles from anywhere, but plenty of tiny hills that get no snow but are freezing, so man-made is the way.

Popular resorts


With still the fastest growing economy in the world and a population of 1.31 Billion people, China is starting out on its snowboard development. With high mountains (but usually tricky to access) and a few promising recently built resorts besides the existing 200 +, China is high on the list of many adventurous Snowboarders. What a buzz for those used to shredding in Europe or America: strange food, mad dialects, intriguing history, resort names like “Jade Dragon” and best of all, its very cheap. There are no 10 dollar bowls of spaghetti here.

A few things to think about, however, is if you have big feet bring your own kit, as you’ll never find large boots for rent. If you like to know what it is you are eating than you might want to bring some handy meals of your own. Also if your mandarin is a little rusty an interpreter would be a great idea. You will need to obtain a travel visa in order to enter china.

Useful addresses

Languages Chinese/Mandarin also Yue/Wu/Minbei/Minnan etc
Capital City Beijing
Highest Peak Mount Everest 8,850m

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