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Top countries

These 6 countries are the top on everyones lists


A year round snowboarding destination, and set amongst the mostly mellow resorts are a few truly hardcore destinations. This is the country to head for if you are looking for mad apres ski, or the country to avoid if you're not

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Not exactly known for its delightful mountain architecture or willingness to allow foreigners to teach, but you can't argue with the amazing resorts this country has to offer

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Heading West is best, but there are tons of top resorts spread all over the US. Debatably they generally aren't as large and hardcore as European resorts, but the infrastruture and services more than make up for it, and as for the parks - well Europe doesn't come close.

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Cheaper than the rest of the Alps and plenty of fantastic resorts to visit, even though many take a while to reach.

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Best to head west if you want plenty of pow. Some fantastic resorts with fast lifts, excellent services and portions that almost out size US resorts, whats not to like?

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Switzerland works like the proverbial cuckoo clock, but amongst the organised sensibleness of the country lies some amazing resorts with a refreshing attitude on snowboarding and freeriding.

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