Western Europe



No longer the bargain basement of countries to visit, with the modern lifts and linked areas has come increased prices, but its still below what you would pay in the Alps


A year round snowboarding destination, and set amongst the mostly mellow resorts are a few truly hardcore destinations. This is the country to head for if you are looking for mad apres ski, or the country to avoid if you're not


One small resort built originally by the British Army, but you'd best remember that you are on an island floating in the med so what do you expect?


Not exactly known for its delightful mountain architecture or willingness to allow foreigners to teach, but you can't argue with the amazing resorts this country has to offer


Lots of low level resorts which are great for a slide if you're in the area but only really a few that are really worth making a trip for


Cheaper than the rest of the Alps and plenty of fantastic resorts to visit, even though many take a while to reach.


Switzerland works like the proverbial cuckoo clock, but amongst the organised sensibleness of the country lies some amazing resorts with a refreshing attitude on snowboarding and freeriding.

United Kingdom

As a whole, it's more about the fridges and carpets than the real stuff, but with good conditions and ideally mid-week, Scotland can surprise