No resorts that will really push a decent snowboarder but worth going for the stunning scenary

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Slovenia is where east meets west. This former part of Yugoslavia has a heavy influence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the north, and a more chilled Venetian influence in the south. This tiny country, the size of Wales, has it all; the biggest subterranean canyon in the world at Skocjan caves, miles of vineyards, fine beaches along the Adriatic Sea, reputedly the most beautiful alpine lake in the world in Lake Bled, and last but by no means least great mountains, at affordable prices, in the Julian and Savinje Alps.
Offering western service at nearer eastern European price, Slovenia is truly a great place for the beginner and intermediate or the advanced rider who doesn’t mind a hike. A night in a 4 star, piste side, hotel will only set you back 35euros half board, and the lift pass prices make a mockery of the swish French and Swiss resorts.  
Gaining from its position, at the eastern end of the Alps, Slovenia has the first mountains that weather fronts from the east hit, thus giving it more than its fair share of snow, with many resorts receiving an averaging of around 4meters. With a country this small, Slovenia is one of the only places in Europe, where you can board in the morning, drive through vineyards and swim in the Mediterranean in the afternoon and party all night in the Capital Ljubljana.
What you wont find is huge interlinked resorts or great parks but thankfully you wont find huge lift queues or a hole in your wallet either. Most resorts will have all but the very beginner bored in a few days, so it’s best to do a road trip around a few resorts. Most resorts are within an hour of the Capital, and a nine seater minibus shouldn’t set you back more than 90 euros if you don’t want to drive.
Useful addresses

Languages Slovene
Capital City Ljubljana
Highest Peak Triglav 2864m

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