The basics

Essential Knowledge

If you are planning that big trip or just planning those first lessons, our basic info covers all you need to know from getting around a mountain, to buying insurance, what to expect in a resort and how to get up the mountain.

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Freeriding Guide

Lets face it, freeriding is what snowboarding is all about.

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Latest features

Midsummer in Salla the middle of nowhere

It’s Summer and with our boards gathering dust we have decided to embark on an eco mission to experience the midnight sun in the ski resort of Salla. Forgoing the usual airport routes to Rovaniemi and Kuusamo we headed to Helsinki in search of the arctic night train to lapland.

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Fantastic peaks: The climbs of Grindelwald

An icy December wind cuts the silence whilst all around fresh snowfall glistens across the Jungfrau Alps. Suspended high above the valley floor and staring directly at the imposing north face of the Eiger our party’s fate is trusted to the overhead cables that support our staggering 6483m length journey to the Eiger Glacier Station.

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Snowboarding into Spring in Selva Val Gardena

The sun beats down on my perfectly placed deck chair  as I sit at the top of the Ciampinoi gondola station.I have my boots unlaced, a drink in my hand and my weary feet outstretched and I’m processing the views of the Sassolungo the 1km ‘long stone’ that looms large in front of me.

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A Swiss Snowboard Safari

I was met with some strange looks from the worldsnowboardguide team as I announced I was going on safari. They had a right to look concerned by this out of character travel announcement but their worried glances soon eased as I explained it was not Serengeti I was bound for but the rhone plains of the Valais Wallis region.

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A Week in the Wilderness: Part Two Salla

On arriving in Salla we were greeted by Heli, the Tourism Coordinator, who was to be our guide for the next few days. We checked in to our apartment at Holiday Club Salla and got settled in.

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A Week in the Wilderness: Part One Ruka

I had long dreamed about taking a trip to Finland, a destination very different to the usual European snowboard destinations.

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More articles

Snowboarding with kids

It happens to most of us, but does having a family mean you have to give up the shred?

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From -40 degrees in the Article Circle, to climbing the Eiger and dancing in the streets of Switzerland. Whatever your snowboarding plans we hope you find some unusual inspirations here!

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If you ever wanted to learn how the pros got to where they are or what inspires them, then this is the place for you. From freestyle rider to freeriders we chat to host of top snowboarders to find out more about their dream lifestyle, their favourite resorts and more.

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Learn a language

Go on, break a stereotype and learn a few choice phrases ready for your next trip away. Whether its to ask where to find fresh powder, or to pull at the bar, check out these language guides and get the knowledge.

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