Popular resorts


Reportedly has 6 resorts spread along the high snow capped mountains of the country. Lebanon’s most famous resorts are Cedars and Faraya.

Cedars is located in the northern half of the country about 80 miles from Beirut. The slopes are small with, only a couple of runs and five lifts.

Faraya, which only 30 miles from Beirut, is the biggest of Lebanon’s resorts, although it is still relatively small compared to European destinations. Faraya has a dozen lifts and about 40 runs covering 60km that are rated mainly as intermediate standard with a couple of advanced runs and some very basic beginner’s trails.

Entry in to Lebanon by foreign nationals is allowed but be careful as it wasn’t n that long ago when the country was at civil war with its self. All visitors need a passport and a visa to entry the country. The country is made up of Muslims and Christians, which was the main cause of the civil war. People are very friendly but don’t take things for granted and don’t stray off in to unknown areas.

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