Lots of low level resorts which are great for a slide if you're in the area but only really a few that are really worth making a trip for

Popular resorts


Not many people think of Germany as a snowboard destination and although it's no match for its close alpine neighbours, Germany can still boast plenty of rideable terrain. The dozen or so resorts are all located in the southernmost parts of the country, with some crossing over into Austria. The thing that seems to be consistent amongst German resorts is the efficient way things are set out and how you're looked after. Most places are expensive and often stupidly overcrowded at weekends.

Travelling by car is a good idea, with resorts reached on one of the best road systems in the world. Unlike many other European destinations, there are no road tolls so you aren't hit with extra costs

Munich is the most convenient gateway airport for all the resorts with good onward travel facilities. It is possible to take a train across Austrian, Swiss and French borders direct to many resorts making train travel a good option.

For those thinking about doing a season in Germany, work is possible but you will need to speak the language (or have a good grasp of it). EU nationals can stay as long as they want without a work permit.

Accommodation is similar to that in Austria, from affordable pensions to way overpriced hotels. It’s often cheaper to stay in a nearby town. Night life in Germany is pretty cool, Germans like to party hard and the beer is pure nectar. Clubs and discos are not bad, although far too many bars allow Euro pop. Overall, Germany is not the cheapest place, but is highly recommended.

Useful addresses

German Snowboard Association Zizelsbergerstrasse 3. 81476 Munchen Tel - ++49 (0) 89 7544 7320

Languages German
Capital City Berlin
Highest Peak Zugspitze 2963m

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