Best to head west if you want plenty of pow. Some fantastic resorts with fast lifts, excellent services and portions that almost out size US resorts, whats not to like?

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Canada has around 270 resorts, located on either the west or east coast of the country with a few resorts in the central provinces. There is even a snowboard only resort known as ‘The Snowboard Ranch’ which is located 18 miles from the town of Peterborough in the province of Ontario.

The western provinces boast Canada's best mountainous areas, Alberta and British Columbia (BC). Both regions have resorts that are a match for any in Europe. The gateway cities for flights to the west coast areas are Calgary in Alberta, and Vancouver in BC.

On the east coast there are a number of areas to ride, the majority being in the French speaking province of Quebec. The 100+ resorts on the east coast of Canada resemble much of what is found on the east coast of America - low level, wooded, and often windswept terrain. Canadians treat their visitors with respect and provide a very high level of resort services to meet customer requirements. There are good slope facilities in most places, along with an abundance of places to eat and sleep close to the slopes. Prices are generally higher than those in the US but lower than in Europe. Canadians also like a beer and a good night out, so expect to party hard.

Accommodation facilities in Canada include condos and high quality hotels, as well as B&B's, lodges, hostels or dorms. Prices vary from place to place and are generally quite high wherever you go, (unless you can bunk on a floor and overload with people).

Getting around Canada by train is easy on VIA Rail, the Canadian national rail network, or Amtrak which runs across the Canadian/US border. Greyhound buses are another cheap option. Entry into Canada is liberal but you will need a passport and be advised, you can't work in Canada without a work permit as rules are strict. If you get caught scrubbing dishes in a hotel without the correct paper work, you'll soon be on your way home.

If you wish to teach snowboarding in Canada, you will need the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (C.A.S.I.) Level 1 certificate. For details on the course, which costs from C$350, contact CASI on 001 519 624-6593 or visit If you require some training to help you to become a snowboard instructor, SnowSkool offers programmes tailored for the CASI qualifications. Visit for more information.

Useful addresses

Canadian Ski and Snowboard Association Suite 200, 505 8th Avenue S.W. Calgary, AB T2P 1G2 Tel: (403) 265-8615 Fax: (403) 777-3213

Languages English & French
Capital City Ottawa
Highest Peak Mt Logan 6050m

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