Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Chapelco


Freeriders will find, that when the lower section has snow cover, it offers a rolling terrain of fast cruising dotted with cat track hits.The moss shrouded Lenga trees are well spaced for excellent tree riding off the sides of the mid and lower pistes, but lack pitch in places. Steeps are found on the faces of Cerro Teta and the La Pala face (40 degree) which remain unpisted and are fed by a speedy quad and poma drag respectively. Although short these faces provide the buzz that the freerider is looking for with 3-10m cliff bands laying down the gauntlet between the Teta and the La Puma areas. The back bowl offers superb powder if you're willing to do the one hour hike back out.



have a permanent halfpipe accessed from the Palito drag lift which the locals session all day long. On a good day the Perímetro terrain park has 3 kicker lines of various grades and a rail line.



A lack of good piste grooming means the runs are bumpy and rutted, making this place not so ideal for beginners and speed freaks alike.


Beginners have an mountain with 40% of the terrain graded to suite their needs, but its not all ideal or super easy.

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