Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in SkiWelt Hopfgarten/ Itter/ Kelchsau


FHopfagartenreeriders who plan to take a weeks holiday in the Ski Welt could do a lot worst than this area, and although Brixen on its own would be a bit tedious after a few days if you are a competent rider, but the fact that you have easy access to a lot more of well connected terrain, means a 7 days stay will not be wasted time.

The expanse of this area means that provided the snow is good and plentiful, you will be able to ride each day on a new selection of pisted slopes aided by the fact that lift queues are never that long meaning you will be able to roam freely with ease. Advanced riders should head on the bus to Westendorf, where your lift pass is valid.


Freestylers have a number of options for getting air but will have to search them out. There’s a small park near the Hartkaiser in Ellmau and a better one over in Westerndorf. If there’s an event on they sometimes build some hits but their just left to melt after the event.


Boarders should feel at ease here, the area offers a vast number of well groomed pistes to suite all levels making this a cool place for laying out turns on or simply a place for improving your technique.


Beginners will find the slopes of Brixental are easy to get to grips with. There are some nice low down nursery slopes and once you have mastered Brixental the Ski Welt offers lots of easy opportunities to learn on.
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