Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Neustift


Freeriders who like adventurous slopes with long scary drops will find plenty to please them at Stubai, but not a great deal around Neustift. What you find around the village are basic short and rather narrow runs that lend them self's perfectly well for a few days simple riding with out any hassles or crowds. Riders who want to learn how to carve at a gentle level will find the place okay, especially if you are a middle aged rider who likes to take it easy and doesn’t want to ride with the pack.


Freestylers have little or nothing to go for on the Elferhutte slopes. Yes you can leap over a few uneven spots and there's always the odd obstacle to grind, but in the main, freestylers will need to head up to Stubai where there is a large halfpipe and a basic terrain park with snow sculpted hits. Locals from Innsbruck are always up at Stubai getting airs of their own hits and will be happy to show you around.


Carvers will be able to get something out of the slopes around Neustift but nothings to long making a trip up to Stubai a must for speed freaks.


Beginners may find Neustift is a bit too limited and it won’t take novices to long to conquer this place.

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