Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Oetz


In Ochsengarten from the top of the Mohrenkopf lift its possible to drop off the side above the avalanche breakers for the best steep terrain but the conditions need to be right. The Mohrenkopf lift also serves the only serious steep slope of note. Under the Baalbach lift can be fun and theres nice easy freeriding between the pistes.
Over in the Hochoetz area youll find a number of cool drop-offs, but no large faces to lay turns in. Theres a number of drop off from the cat tracks between runs 5/10 and 4 and a few small rock drops and other features under the kühtalle lift. Take a hike from the panorama restaurant through the kids area to tackle some steep if short chutes and pillow lines through the trees which lead back onto run 5/10. The better open and steeper runs youll find off the top of the Brunnenkopf lift.


Theres no terrain park or halfpipe to speak off but an abundance of natural terrain perfect for getting air off.


The blue runs linking Hochoetz and Ochsengarten can be a little flat at times, but generally speaking this is a good mountain for snowboarders to learn on. The 2 specialist beginner areas are both served by t-bars however, but run 7 and especially 11 are nice and mellow and served by chairs with easy descents when coming off them.

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