Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Seefeld


SeefeldFreeriders will find riding here is done at sedate pace. Nothing is going to take you to long to conquer and good intermediate and expert riders will have this place licked within a day or two at the most. Still, there is a few spots to make a visit here a worth the while. The top section of the Seefelder Joch gives access to a few interesting spots which includes a few trees that line the lower parts of the main run down to the base area and the village.


Freestylers are offered the delights of a fun park located on the Rosshutte area and reached by taking the funicular train that takes you up to 1800m. There’s an okay assortment of jumps, quarter pipes, rails & boxes but the past days of glory are long gone. Out of the park, good natural hits are hard to come by.


PISTES. The open wide runs of the Rosshutte area are superb for laying out fast turns on.


Beginners have a resort that is in the main all theirs. Very little of the place is out of bounds to novices.

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