Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Fortress Mountain


Freeriders should come away from Fortress as professional tree-riders as the glades are awesome. Backside has some of the best freeride terrain, offering a great time shredding through the spruce and hitting off some sweet banks. The off-piste opportunities are very impressive, provided you seek the knowledge of a local rider who can show you where to ride. The boundary lines are not strictly adhered to, which makes a trip to the Fortress area all the more fun, though be careful.


Freestylers have a halfpipe located between the 2nd and 3rd Chute slopes, but at the moment there is no fun-park. The pipe is shaped with the aid of a Pipe Dragon.


Carvers are not spoilt for choice since there are few long flats, but there is still some reasonable carving terrain. The Jolly Jester is a cool longhaul on the Backside, whilst on the front, Friars is the place to carve at speed.


Beginners may not find Fortress the most convenient mountain to learn on, but it's certainly not the worst. There are a number of easy trails to tackle, aided by the boys at Fortress Snowboard School, who offer novice and beyond programmes.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife