Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Duck Mountain


Freeriders shouldn’t come here expecting to find an amazing amount of hardcore freeriding terrain, however, what is on offer is cool, with a few nice banks and some okay rollers. Advanced riders should take the New T-Bar in order to rider back down the Timber Wolf Pass or the Black Bear Bowl, both of which are fun black trails to pass away some time. The Haywire is another okay trail to make some tracks on and also reached off the New T-Bar.


Freestylers have the choice of getting air in the halfpipe which is located along side the lower section of the New T-Bar. The pipe is not major but it has its moments and beats having to build hits you’reself. As for natural hits, well there are a few spots to go off from, but nothing much to over excite a good freestyler.


Carvers may find that the Hangover or Morning Glory trails are the ideal places to lay out some big turns on.


Beginners have a resort that is well suited to them with some nice easy areas, although the choice of beginner runs is limited.

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