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Learning to snowboard? Perfect!

Tue 31 August 2010 by BoardForge

Finland produces some amazing professional snowboarders but in general the slopes are very small compared with the Alps. However, it is exceptional for beginners learning to snowboard as it's difficult to get lost, the slopes are 90% of the time easy, the scenery is amazing and everyone on the slopes are friendly.

The park is pretty good as well, so advance snowboarders can get their kicks on the jumps. Generally, there are 2 medium sized hits and 2 large hits, plus some rails and other smaller jumps to play on. Everything is drag lifts on this mountain but it's amazing easy to get from one slope to the next.

I have been teaching snowboarding in Finland now for 5 years and having taught in France and Canada, I can easily say that Finland is the most pleasant learning experience for beginners! For more information, visit