Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Tahko


Freeriders have nothing to write home about. There are some tree areas which most of the runs are carved out of, but most are unrideable. However, on a good day there are some okay powder spots , but don't get up late thery're all gone within an hour.


Freestylers have a well shaped halfpipe located at the lower section alongside the tree line, there's also a street style set up with rails and hits. Apart from the pipe and park the locals like to build their own hits, but as for big natural hits, forget it. There are a number of banks to ride up, however.


The pistes are wide and good for laying out some big turns, but it wont take long before you hit the bottom. The resorts really about jibbing but the pistes are well groomed every night and you can hack it around for a day or two without getting to board.


Beginners have an ideal resort with half of the runs suited to novices, even if all the lifts are drags. Snow Valley is an area set aside for kids and first timers, but if you're a 300 pound, hairy arsed learner with no sense of control, stick to the main beginner runs as wiping out three year olds is not funny, and not on.  READ NEXT: Village life, accommodation & nightlife