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Resort life

Off the slopes, Chatel's fairly chilled with a few bars where you catch the football or drink the night away. The Avalanche Bar features wide-screen TV's showing English Premier League matches and has Internet access. La Tunnel bar is busy and has a regular DJ. Bars stay open late until 4am. If you can get a booth, the small French bar, L'is, is also a good place to warm up after a long days boarding.

Chatel  Town
Chatel Town
Photo: Gavin Hope

Food wise, we're talking pizzas, pizzas, pizzas. The best place for a pizza with a friendly group of staff and a vibe of Ben Harper music to wash down your food along with the wine is Basse Cour on the lower road of the main village. There're also plenty of cheap eats to suit all budgets. Crepes, burgers and pizzas, right through to full-on three-course meals.

Chatel  towards Linga
Chatel towards Linga
Photo: Gavin Hope

Accommodation is mainly chalets, a lot of which have been bought by the Swiss, as property is cheaper in France than Switzerland. For hotels, there's a limited choice, but a lot of British tour operators sell holidays here, so it's best to book before you arrive. There're also 3- and 4-star hotels with and without board.

Ski Addiction  +44 (0)7762 111496 offer good hotel and chalet accommodation in Chatel and La Chapelle d'Abondance.

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