Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Feldberg


Freeriders who want for a simple day's riding and are not too adventurous, will find Feldberg an ideal place to spend some time.

There is an okay mixture of terrain with the best and most challenging freeriding to be found off the letter K draglift.


Freestylers should stick to riding in the terrain park located under the 6-seater chair on Seebuck. This is the only place to get any air time. Theres usually 2 kickers and 3 rails there.


PISTES: Riders have a good resort for just cruising around, with a number of well-groomed trails to check out, especially those on the Seebuck.


Beginners have a mountain that is perfect for learning on, with a number of easy blue trails covering all  areas. 

Note that all the easy runs are served by draglifts.

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