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Enjoy the sun...

Sun 29 October 2006 by John45

(The rating is for Greek standards. DO NOT compare with other alpine resorts)

Parnassos Ski Resort though only a 2 hour drive from Athens is supposed to be the "biggest" and "best-organised" resort in Greece...But forget that...the place is helishly expensive and snobbish, just as the small picteresque village of Arachova (about 20' from the ski pistes) the only resort nearby where you can eat drink and sleep in quite reasonable prices in comparison to the alpine standards.

The resort is very expensive (according to Greek standards) for the facilities, snow, extent, etc it offers ( day ticket 27 Euros). It is not strange to find big queues especially at peak times and during Greek holiday periods. But come on now...the place is the only one in Greece which offers 25km of ski pistes with about 14 ski lifts, some new ones, a cable car, a very nice challet in the pistes, tree runs (only in Fterolaka) and some times a snowboard fun park, excellent for Greek standards that has rails, kickers, boxes which you won't find again all together in any other resort in Greece. Moreover, it has another advantage...Imagine snowboarding while gazing the wonderful Greek sea (ONLY a 40' drive from the resort). Enjoy snowboarding under the unique Greek sun, something which is difficult to find elsewhere, then drive down to the archeological site of Delphoi (30'), and after that head down to the sea and enjoy your fish meal in a traditional Greek tavern by the seaside...

Forget about alpine standards, there is no comparison...BUT if you come to Greece from the period between Christmas and the end of March it would be worthwhile to pay a visit. I am not sure if you'll enjoy snowboarding, but for sure you'll have a great time.