Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Limone


Freeriders have a cool mountain to explore and should find Limone a pleasant suprise. There is a good choice of areas to ride that offers tree-riding, lots of gullies and uneven trails to descend down. Expert riders will find the Olimpica run a pleaser.


Freestylers will be pleased to hear a small park was builtĀ a couple of seasons ago in Limonetto next to the San Lorenzo piste. On a good day (and when there's enough snow) you'll find a couple of kickers and some rails.


Riders who usually prefer miles of perfect, well-groomed trails may be a bit disappointed. Most of the main runs are a bit choppy and not great for cruising, that said you can still carve here.


Beginners might well find that this resort is not for them. There are some good novice slopes but they are very limited and serviced by a host of draglifts.

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