Freeriding, terrain parks and pistes
in Mt Lyford


Freeriders should make their way to the top of Mt Terako via the Terako lift for some uneven terrain. From the top and after a short hike, you can either ride down the series of steep blacks such as Die Hard, or you can elect to take the slightly easier runs such as the Triller. Riders who can afford it and want to ride some backcountry powder, will be able to experience the best stuff by taking a heli-board trip with Hanmer Helicopters.


Freestylers. The small Wild Ride terrain park has one kicker and a selection of rails and boxes. In 2005 they shelled out on a pipe-cutter and dug out the 120m halfpipe, but the poor season meant it wasn’t fully operational. Away from the park, you will find a few rocks to leap over and one or two wind lips but nothing major.


Carvers will find the least to do here if your only desire is corduroy trails. However, an hour here will allow for some fun. Only 20% of the rideable area is groomed.


Beginners will love Mt Lyford because you can practice your thing on some very tame slopes, which are free of large ski groups. The only thing is that all the lifts are drags.

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